🌀 Astral Vortex

Step into The Astral Gateway, the starting point of a mesmerizing journey through the realms of the astral vortex. As you enter, a kaleidoscope of shimmering colors surrounds you, forming an ethereal gateway that bridges the gap between the physical and the metaphysical. The air crackles with cosmic energy, igniting a sense of wonder and possibility. Celestial constellations twinkle above, guiding your path through the astral plane. A gentle breeze carries whispers of ancient wisdom, beckoning you to explore the boundless dimensions of consciousness. This room is a sanctuary of introspection and spiritual awakening, where the veil of reality becomes translucent, and the infinite realms of the mind come alive. Prepare to embark on an astral journey like no other, where dreams merge with reality, and the mysteries of the universe unfold before your eyes. Enter The Astral Gateway and let the astral vortex carry you to unimaginable realms of existence.

Astral Vortex is a LLM-based astral trip generator tool for the terminal written in Python. Using LLM text generation, it allows its user to warp between a never-ending sequence of relatively inter-connected digital spaces generated on the fly.

Current version uses gpt-3.5-turbo, which means an active OpenAI API key is required to run the script.

You can read a sample of the current version output by opening this link.

It feels OpenAI may have nerfed the gpt-3.5-turbo model quite a bit (I guess for copyright reasons?), as it does not return as interesting outputs as it used to; this is currently causing certain repetition when generating results (why so many whispering areas? lol). Future tests with fine-tuned open-source LLM models are planned.


# Clone repository

git clone https://code.pleiades.link/astralvortex
cd astralvortex

# Create virtual environment using virtualenv

virtualenv env

# Run this to activate if you are using bash

source env/bin/activate

# Run this to activate if you are using fish

source env/bin/activate.fish

# Run this to activate if you are using windows

cd env/Scripts

# Install required libraries

pip install openai

# Add OpenAI key

echo YOUR-API-KEY > key.txt

# Run initial setup

python setup.py

# Play

python run.py


Press ENTER on your keyword to warp to a new location. Vector alignment takes a few seconds to complete. Ctrl+c closes the tool.

Under current OpenAI pricing, each stargate jump costs approximately $0.001. Total session usage is displayed as the AstroFare value.

A session can be reset by running setup.py again. Current session output is saved as an sqlite file data.db which can be freely accessed using a third-party tool.


  • Add error handling
  • Add a proper way to exit
  • Fix parenthesis/apostrophe bug
  • Increase randomness variable list
  • Test on a self-hosted open-source LLM to remove dependance to OpenAI; perhaps fine-tune a model